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The Gender Equality in the Mirror (GEM) dataset was constructed with the aim of analyzing, understanding, and presenting the real picture of women's participation rights in the sphere of political and public life, beyond the legal provisions and focusing on the practical implementation of even substantive measures aimed at overcoming all kinds of barriers to women's access to leadership positions. To this end, we explored the implementation of Articles 7 and 8 of CEDAW. We collected all reports submitted by State members to identify the relevant measures taken for their implementation.

The overall aim of our project is to engage in the analysis of legal materials around our key areas:

  1. participatory rights and women (to collect relevant norms adopted at domestic level);
  2. internal/external dimension of the participatory turns (to collect info on measures adopted to advance participation at international level);
  3. the role of interpretative mechanisms (collect concluding observations and recommendations adopted by the CEDAW treaty body).

A total of 192 countries, 565 reports and 626 Concluding Observations, divided into regional groups, were analysed.

To use the GEM database in the best possible way, we have created interactive tools that allow convenient and functional access to both the data and the graphs analysing the collected material.

You can find our tools here:


The GEM Project is funded under the grant No. 100011_200462/1 by the Swiss National Foundation Research.
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